Dancing the Megatropolis


Chapter 5: New York to New Haven



Day 2 dawned a little earlier than I’m used to (as I normally work evening shifts), and I headed to Grand Central Terminal to continue my journey.


Metro-North Railroad Train 1512

New York, NY (Grand Central) to New Haven, CT (Union Stn)

Fare: $23.50 (Peak)

Cumulative Fare: $99.98


I was on the usual M8 rolling stock, with strong A/C and good power outlets. We left three minutes late (unusual for Metro-North, as they tend to leave Grand Central precisely one minute after the scheduled time), and I was impressed with the Metro-North app, the best of the trip. It was very cool to see our progress, ETAs, schedule status, track numbers, and even a graphic showing how full each individual train car was at each moment. 

We arrived on time, having made up the three minutes en route, into New Haven's Union Station, which is an agreeably bonkers blend of classic American train station architecture (again, great benches, and even little model trains atop them!) and ‘70s scifi. No main building visit for me today, as I’m transferring one platform over. (Once again, I wish the advertised connection could be a cross-platform one, if the schedules are integrated.)