Dancing the Megatropolis


Chapter 4: Trenton to New York



If SEPTA and NJ Transit integrate their schedules, and sell combined tickets for their networks, why don’t they ever seem to pull into adjacent tracks on the same platform at Trenton where their networks meet? It’d make these tight connections much easier than hustling up the stairs to the concourse and down another set of stairs to the next platform over. (Actually, this only applies to northbound connections from SEPTA to NJ Transit; southbound connections from NJ Transit to SEPTA always share a platform. Huh.)


NJ Transit Train 3876

Trenton, NJ to New York, NY (Penn Stn)

Fare: $16.75

Cumulative Fare: $76.48

I got to Track 2 and saw that my scheduled 7:56pm train was listed as being in “All Aboard” status, but not at the platform yet. It arrived, and we left at 7:58. I found myself in a nice bi-level that was very comfortable but for the truly frigid A/C that was blasting. Made it to New York three minutes early, then home to Queens for a quick sleep, as I’d be back at it in the ayem.